More than just games

Edge of Reality Arcade offers more than just a gaming experience.  We provide entertainment, learning and meditation opportunities for people all over the community.  We have worked with Hospice, Great Lakes Recovery and Veterans to provide opportunities to explore the world around them.  Beautiful landscapes filled with the Aurora Borealis, waterfalls or whatever you desire is available with guided meditations to cover a great many topics.  Guided meditation has never been so easy.  Sit back and relax at the location of your choosing as a kind voice teaches you the techniques to calm a busy mind.

We have the ability to bring all of this to you.  With a trained staff and mobile equipment it has never been easier to help you get out while you stay in.  Virtual Reality brings you to a 3D environment where we tailor the experience to you.  Where would you like to relax?  Call for more information. (906)398-2070