Welcome to the Edge of Reality Arcade

Cutting edge technology meets small town Marquette! Escape the boredom and see what life is like outside of your world. We use the newest technology to safely guide you into a truly unique experience.  Travel to new places, explore a new culture, swim in the ocean or rip apart rapidly advancing enemy robots.

The choices are yours. Each experience is unique.  From mild to wild we have something for everyone.  Our professional staff is here to offer suggestions and help if you need it.


Edge of Reality Storefront

What we offer

At the Edge of Reality Arcade you book a single headset with seating for more people in your group. These "stations" are available to rent for an amount of time and it's yours to play with during that time. The staff is here to help you pick out games, switch between them, and even trade the headset out between group members. We are also experienced in throwing parties and offer gift cards.